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Singing Lessons

During your Singing Lesson, Sophie will start with a thorough warm-up pinpointing any problems in technique during these exercises.

She will then move on to repertoire. If you are working towards an audition or performance you will focus on that particular piece during the lesson.

She will then record for you any difficult lines/harmonies, a recording of you singing it and a piano 'backing track' for you to practise at home with.

Having been a performer in the West End, No 1 Tours and Lead Vocalist in top bands, Sophie knows exactly what it's like to sing in an audition:

"It is important to not let nerves get hold of you- in my classes we will work on breathing techniques, making sure you are totally sure of your prepared piece, and adding something new to a song the audition panel has perhaps heard a hundred times that day!"

Sophie has taught extensively with Children. These lessons are designed to be fun! The class starts with a vocal warm up with games and exercises.

The students are then taught a simple song appropriate to their age.

Musical Styles

  • Classic MT
  • Pop/Rock 
  • Classical
  • R&B
  • Soul

Vocal Techniques

  • Breathing
  • Stance
  • Belt Voice
  • Head Voice/Falsetto 
  • Good diction
  • Increased Range
  • ​Quality and depth of tone
  • Smoothing over the 'break'

We will also...

  • Find out your exact range
  • Increase repertoire
  • Build confindence
  • Give lessons at very short notice  
  • Cut all music to appropriate length
  • Work on harmonising 
  • Work on acting through the song
  • Create special arrangements of songs in different keys/styles/instrumentation (extra charge)
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